Writer. Photographer. Editor. Blogger.

Hi. I'm Sarah Kelber. I've been writing for as long as I can remember, taking photographs since I got my little point-and-shoot with disposable flash bars in third grade, and blogging since, well, 2006 or so. 

Twenty years in the communications business have given me experience in editing all sorts of stories under all sorts of circumstances. I've written on myriad topics, including my experiences as a solo parent and expectant mother during my husband's deployment to Afghanistan, tailgating recipes, baking contests, home goods, and enough event listings to reach the moon and back three times (or so it seems anyway). 

I was also a pioneer blogger in my newsroom, writing about reality television and figuring out a way to capitalize on our time-zone advantage among an audience hungry for spoilers. Once my home life didn't allow for hours of live-blogging after work, I became the parenting and family blogger.

Along the way, I finally took a deep breath and began to further study photography, capturing images not only of my own loved ones, but also area children and families. 

After relocating to Oregon a few years back, I’ve been pursuing freelance writing, editing and photography assignments while serving as a communications officer for the state. 

Got questions? Ask me anything. If I can answer, I will. Email kelberphoto@gmail.com.