Popeye's, carb bombs fuel Adam Jones' smash season ... and he's shared the photos to prove it. 

By Sarah Kickler Kelber, The Baltimore Sun

When he's not smashing home runs, Adam Jones is getting ready to smash some pancakes. Or maybe some Popeye's chicken. Even grilled chicken and red beans and rice draw a "smash" from the Orioles outfielder.

For proof, look no further than his Instagram feed (@simplyaj10), where his bio exhorts, "Let's talk food and no ball PLEASE," and where you might find a shot of his partially eaten breakfast with the caption: "I had to smash one of the pancakes before I could get my phone."

Or on Twitter: "Bout to smash another 20 pieces of salmon sushi. In the words of Brady Anderson, 'It's what bears eat.' "

   Asked about his food-filled social-media feeds, Jones said, "I don't really like talking about food; I just post pictures of food." (Hey, it was a game day. Can't blame a guy for wanting to stay focused on the task at hand.)

Here's a glance at some of the fare that's been fueling the 2012 Most Valuable Oriole's record year, from an afternoon waffle feast to game-day snacks of cereal to off-day French toast to a power breakfast of fruit and greens.

It'll make you, as Jones likes to say, stay hungry. Or at least get that way.

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